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I have been photographing since a child.  My parents had a little plastic Ansco camera.  It had a tiny viewfinder and made square photographs.  Only a few of the original photographs remain, and they are dear to me. 

Perhaps that is why creating memorable photographs is so important to me.  They are artifacts in themselves, objects to hold, but they are also pieces of history, instances of time and place that will never occur again. Preserve your memories.  Treasure art that reminds you of something.  Treasure art that lifts you up.  Those are the kinds of images I try to create. 

I have a long career including photographing events, weddings, real estate, and sports.  I have been in group and individual shows.  I was recently honored by the City of Smyrna, Georgia and several of my photographs are hanging at City Hall.  Of all the awards I have won, being honored by my home town is the best.  

Enjoy this Website.  Contact me by email if you have any questions regarding my photographs. Perhaps you would like a custom print, or maybe meet for coffee.  I will be in touch.  

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