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Come on inside. Feel free to browse.  My art photography falls into three main categories:  Street Photography, Nature and Scenic, and Stock.  

My services include Events, Portraiture, and Real Estate photography, and I teach small classes in photography both digital and film.


You will see that my style is varied.  I enjoy many different looks, from abstract to natural, from posterized to lightly edited.  The style I chose depends on the subject and assignment.  

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Street Photography

The Street is where I walk where people and culture reside. It changes every day and moment by moment.  The border between urban and nature may not be clearly defined.  The beach is my favorite "street", but concrete will do, too. 

Nature and Scenic

In these photographs I present the natural world and scenic views which may include the human element.  Beauty is the keyword.  


Stock Photography

You will find images in this project among my photo albums. I offer my photographs as digital downloads.  You can find a full catalog of my stock images at Shutterstock by William Hunton.


I photograph people, events, and real estate.  I can also do illustrative photography for your Web and other media projects.

I also enjoy teaching photography and I offer small group classes and one-on-one personal instruction in both film photography and digital photography

The images shown here are examples of my work, and not for sale.  

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