I don't make photographs, I capture memories


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I hope you enjoy my photographs.  If you would like to have one, I offer prints, digital downloads, and photographic merchandise.  Images are in color and monochrome.  My subjects are both natural and man-made scenes.  I also have custom signed and numbered prints, portfolios, and thematic books available privately.  Click here for the online store.  I constantly update inventory.

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Click here or on the image below to go to my poster store.  The posters are different images than in my photographic art collection.  They are more graphic in design and come in standard sizes.

Old Book

Suitewater Suite

I Went for a Walk

This is an example of one of my e-books.  They are available on Amazon Kindle.  Search for books by me by clicking my name here:  William Hunton.

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See a selection of my most popular stock photographs. You may purchase commercial and editorial licenses

My services include portraits, headshots, events, and real estate.  Click here for details. 

Architecture 6
Architecture 6

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Four Close Friends
Four Close Friends

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From the Beginning

It all started when I was about 9 years old; music first, then photography.  I have been enjoying both for many years.  I have several cameras and  stringed instruments.  I enjoy expressive tools.

At the bottom of the page is a photograph of me in Yosemite. I made several trips to the park over many years, but I stopped trying to imitate Ansel Adams after a somewhat funny incident involving 40 pounds of camera equipment, coming to a stream I could not cross, and at the same time suffering from a stomach virus.

I mention that because I no longer try to copy anyone's style.  You may notice that my technique varies considerably.  That is because I have never really settled on one style that works for everything I like to photograph. Film, digital, color, black and white, even colorized black and white are all tools in my bag.

I am still learning.  Photography and art are life long passions of mine.    


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