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By Bill Hunton


What you consider art is a matter of your personal taste.  What excites you?  What causes you to pause and think?  What is your vision?


Georgia and the South are my subjects.  I can say, I have won many awards and had my work published.  Some of my photos have decorated the sets of movies and TV shows.  


You may contact me directly by email or phone.  I have fine art photographic prints available at Pixieset .  Stock images are available at Shutterstock and Picfair.  

General Photography - The Bucket

Portraits - Illuminating Beauty

Weddings and Events - Your Story


Weddings and Events


General Photography - The Bucket

General photography includes almost anything you can imagine... that's legal and moral.  Contact me by phone or email.

Illuminating Beauty

Your Story... Always.

I will bring my eye and ability to interpret the event, but I always remember it is your story. 

Coverage of your event starts at $500.00 U.S. (2021).  Details available upon request.  Prices are subject to change.  

The images captured are delivered to you, on flexible media of your choice; flash memory, CD, or privately on the Web at Pixieset


Copyrights and "work for hire" are negotiable and reasonable.  Contact me by phone or email.  

Illuminating Beauty

Environmental Portraiture is perfect for families with young children. Capture their essence outdoors or in your home, where their surroundings are familiar.  I also offer studio type headshots in your home or other convenient location.

Black and White works very well for this type of photography.  Taking advantage of today's digital technology, why not have both the literal presentation of color and the expressive abstraction of black and white. 

Portrait session prices start at $250.00 U.S. (2021).  Details available upon request.  Prices are subject to change.   

Contact me by phone or email.

About Bill Hunton

From the Beginning

It all started when I was about 9 years old; music first, then photography.  I have been enjoying both for many years.  I have a lot of cameras and a lot of stringed instruments.  I actually learned about the photographic darkroom when I worked at NASA. 

That's an old photograph of me in Yosemite.  I used to pretend to be Ansel Adams.  I made several trips to the park over many years, but I stopped trying to be Ansel Adams after a somewhat funny incident involving 40 pounds of camera equipment, coming to a stream I could not cross, and all at the same time suffering from diarrhea.  No more details are needed nor offered here. 


Frankly, I don't have a signature style.  I get bored.  So I photograph many different subjects in many different ways.   


I use my years of experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your photos are exactly the way you want them to be.

I photograph events from my own point of view, but without inserting myself as part of the story.  I strive for honesty.


Hang a few photographs on your walls.  Download a digital copy for your phone.  Enjoy them. 


Photography is a lifelong passion for me.  I hope to share it with you. Contact me by phone or email.  

Bill Hunton


(404) 829-4334‬

(404) 829-4334‬

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