Visualize Your Wall

It may be difficult to visualize how a photograph will appear on your wall.  I have provided two photographs and links to websites that will help you.

The online store presents various sizes of the photograph that may be ordered. Photographs may also be ordered framed and ready to hang. Those are good estimating tools available when you order.  

The first photograph below is an example of one of my images enlarged to about 17 x 24 inches including the white border, and mounted in a 25x34 inch frame above a standard 84-inch wide couch. 

The second photograph shows the same print enlarged to about a 20x30 inch photograph, including the white border, and mounted in a 32x48 inch frame.  

Small prints 8x10 to 11x14 inches may look better in groups of 3 or 5 photographs framed as a collage.  

In my opinion, large prints with broad areas of color, or tones of gray if black and white, look better than small prints when viewed from a distance of more than a foot or two.  If you want photographs to be viewed more closely, then perhaps smaller prints with details may be better.  


The examples below are for estimating purposes only.  Your print and interior design probably will look different.  

couch-and-swc-fall-colors-48 inch frame.jpg

Here are a few links to several wall art visualization websites to help you imagine how it will look.  

Click here on Wall Art Visualizer Apps. I like the Oh My Prints web app.  At the current time, Oh My Prints is free to use.