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Providing Everything You Need


People and Events

Events include meetings, parties, dinners, and small, casual weddings. I also do environmental portraiture at your home or business. Rates are by the hour or by the event depending on the complexity and how you want them serviced.  Contact me to discuss your needs.  


Real Estate

I offer basic home and commercial real estate packages starting at 15 high resolution images for $250.00.  All photographs have lighting and contrast balanced and they are delivered to you online.  Contact me to discuss your needs. 


Classes in Photography

I currently offer two classes.  The first is "Seeing Photographically".  The class is for more advanced photographers, and it is designed to help you understand what a camera sees, how it is very different than what you observe, and how to bridge the two domains from the camera to your vision.  Classes are held "on site" usually at a local park or urban setting.

My second class is "35mm Film Photography".  The class is for beginners to advanced amateur photographers who would like to add 35mm film to their photography skills. We discuss the basics of properly exposing film, what the 35mm camera meter "sees", how and where to process your film, and other tools and tricks I have learned over many years of photography.  


Classes are limited in size to no more than three students at a time.  Prices start at $200 per person for a three hour class.   

Contact me to discuss details.  

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