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  • William Hunton

There’s A Party in the Back

These are just lichens on a stump. Rather, they were just lichens on a stump.

Where’d the color come from? When we see the dull, natural, gray-green, do we think there may be a party going on, hidden from our eyes. I wonder about that. Is there a “speak-easy”; a little sliding opening in a door for us to enter, a dark corridor, that opens up to an exciting back room.

It takes me a lot of effort to see beyond the obvious, or, rather it takes effort to remind myself to think: There might be something beyond the obvious, here.

All I did here was bump up saturation and contrast, save the image, open it again to edit, then bump it up again. Lo and behold, there was indeed a party going on. The camera didn’t see it; just gray-green lichens on a stump, but the color was buried in the light, which was held by the pixel. I just had to find it. The only real effort is in the wonder. The rest is just pushing HSL sliders around in Lightroom.

The Creator hides things for us to discover. He invites us into a world of wonders.


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