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  • William Hunton

Providence and Bird Poop

We went to Rome, the Georgia variant, for a wedding. Lovely town. Home of Ellen Axson Wilson, wife and First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson. I have not been here in years.

True to form, I woke up before 6 AM. I found the fitness room, but thought better of it, and instead decided to take a sunrise walk.

There is a very nice walk across the Etowah River. It flows through the town.

As the sun was just peaking above the horizon, there were hundreds of sparrows flying above the river darting back and forth catching bugs. They flew close by, some just a few feet from me. Their mouths were open the entire time receiving what was freely theirs to get.

Some called, maybe to others in the group. They put on an impressive show of Providential care.

Just as soon as the sun was fully up, most of the birds were gone, except for the proverbial late risers who I suppose did not get the worm, or the bug in this case.

And to make sure I did not take this moment of illumination too seriously, yep I got pooped on by some dang bird. My daughter tells me that a bird pooping on you is good luck.

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