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  • William Hunton

Mooshie Mushy

Mmm. Mooshie is a strange, funny word. I used it incorrectly for a long time, substituting the word mooshie for mushy, kind of as a play on words. In order to play you need to know the definition and usage of the words you are playing with. Today’s news anchors will misapply words accidentally. Bloggers misuse words all the time (a warning to myself).

The word “mooshie” has a meaning; “The absolute best of anything”. I could find no synonyms or antonyms for “mooshie”. It’s kind of like the word “orange”. However, there are additional, really cool meanings. In Chaldean numerology, mooshie equals 5. In Pythagorean numerology, mooshie equals 3. No surprise there. Many is the high school geometry student who curses his name, if they manage to say his name, that is, Pythagoras, and draw a right triangle at the same time.

Today, Pythagoras’ claim to fame is as a mathematician and scientist, but in his heyday (“Hey. Pythagoras!”), he was more noted as a religious philosopher and inventor of the Keto diet. I kid you not… much. The guy was buff, like a TV evangelist, and his religious philosophy was perhaps not so different compared to a few of them. He believed the cosmos was structured along strict moral and mathematical principles, and that it was essentially musical at its core. It is not so different from biblical passages, especially in the Psalms. It is comforting to know that God is a musician and artist, among many things, and that He has sympathy on us mortals burdened by the creative urges, whether we are actually good at art and music or not.

So applying the principles of Pythagoras, Vortex Based Math, and Fengshui, I’ll triangulate and spiral back to the photographs presented here. I’m enjoying photography like I haven’t in some time. Instead of pounds of equipment, I’m mostly carrying just a simple but high quality point and shoot camera, and a couple of filters. On a serious day I have a light tripod. Recently I had to buy a new phone, a Samsung S20, and I was surprised by the quality of the photographs from it. All to say, there is freedom in not carrying around a ton of equipment.

With freedom comes spontaneity. I can react. I can walk about unnoticed. Most people ignore old folks anyway. I can whip out a camera in a flash (there’s a pun, y’all), and grab a shot. (If you click the link and recognize Cleavon Little and the movie he starred in, you may get the reference.) Sure, the photos are not razor sharp with smooth tonal gradations, but if I want those qualities I know how to make them. I have found my mooshie.

Enough kidding around.

Tools and such: Lumix ZS100, Samsung S20, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom.


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