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  • William Hunton

Miscellaneous Mooshie Mush

I’m stuck on mooshie. I just like the sound of it.

I worked in I.T. for ages for a large airline, before I went to a huge retail chain, to work in I.T., before I went to a consulting firm, to work in I.T., before returning to the same airline, to work in I.T. It wasn’t a circle as much as it was a spiral. You can figure out which companies, given hints. On my first interlude at the very large airline, on Fridays, if things were relatively quiet, which they hardly ever were, I’d go up a couple floors in our building to visit a good friend of mine, John.

This was years ago, again on a Friday, after 3 PM. Three PM is the kick back time, unless there was some emergency going on. I approached his desk. He’d kicked back in his chair. His feet were up on the desk. As I came around to face him, I noticed he was eating a banana.

I looked at him. He did not say a word, he did not acknowledge my presence, he just chomped away with a satisfied look on his face. After a very long, drawn out moment, without so much as a grin, with the straightest of straight faces he said to me, “I hate how they taste, I just like how they feel.”

Well, hilarity is a great way to end the week. Way too little of that goes on now.

I still like the word “mooshie”. Well I just like how mooshie feels.

Random and odd photos.


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