I’ve published three books on Amazon lately. They are catalogs of black and white and color images, nature, scenic, details, and street or eclectic photographs. I call the series Portfolios, because, well… they are small portfolios or selections of images I like. The images are for sale, of course, but you can enjoy the tiny books on their own merits. People tell me I am a good writer, so there are some stories in each book to break the monotony of just photography and add context to them. I make the books very inexpensive, and you can share them. There are three in the series so far, and I’ll have a fourth one out in a day or two. You are invited to enjoy them.

Is wandering photographically speaking the same as going for a walk; walks with no agenda. Aimless? Perhaps. I carry small viewfinder cameras like the Sony A6000 or Lummix ZS100. It is still cold, and I can slip either one of those two cameras into my jacket pocket. I set aperture priority or program, and monochrome usually, ISO 200 to 400, and aperture from f2.8 to f8.

So from my latest, aimless meandering about, stream of consciousness, grab shots, here you go. No rhyme or reason.

There are a couple from a Lego convention, a couple nature shots, a store window, and someone having a smoke.



#culture #Walking #BlackandWhite #StreetPhotography #phototgraphy

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