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  • William Hunton

It Was a Cold and Dreary Day

Leading up to Amicalola Falls. It was a cold and dreary day. Light rain fell. Sounds like the start to some cheap mystery thriller, but it was. My kind of day. The old tree stump next to the younger birch is kind of symbolic. I was not thinking of that when I made the photo.

I had already smashed my Nikon on the rocks near the creek, so I made the photograph below with my little Lumix ZS100, point and shoot (beefed up with a some weather protection), mounted on a tripod. You don’t need thousands of dollars in equipment, especially shooting nature, and especially if you are sensitive to watching your Nikon D7500 summersault over a log onto rocks. Big, fat, ouch! Yes, I was upset, but you can’t let a busted camera stop you. It’s in for repair at Camera Service Company of Smyrna, Georgia. They have been in business 68 years, and I’ve been a customer of theirs for 40 of those. I’ve smashed a few cameras. Nikons can take a fall and a bullet, as in this photo (click the link). I think there must have been considerable light leak after that incident. Thankfully Don McCullin lived to tell about it. All I do is hike in the woods, and toss cameras as I fall after tripping over stuff. Leicas can take it too. Oh sigh.

Expensive equipment and larger format will help with some images and enlargements, but mostly you just need to have any kind of camera you’re familiar with using, and be there. After that, knowing how to use photo editing tools really helps.


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