I Took a Seat

When the kids were growing up, we spent most of our vacation time going to Wilmington, North Carolina, my wife’s hometown. Wilmington is a great coastal town, up the Intercoastal Waterway from Savanah. It is full of history and it is right on the water. So there was plenty for the kids to do.

Now they are grown, and we’re going through the family cycles of life. We don’t go to Wilmington as much. Now we go to Hilton Head for vacation. It is only four or five hours from Atlanta, if you carefully time your escape from this huge honkin’ town and its unbearable traffic.

In my young years and with a family, we rushed about and when I managed to get a day to photograph, I would drive Carolina Beach Road from Wilmington all the way to Fort Fisher. It was flush with photographic subjects, such as…

The old phrase describing marriage, “… and the two shall become one…” should have appended to it, “But which one?” Well I have become my wife! In one regard, like her, I now just like to relax on the beach, under an umbrella, preferably in late September or early October when it is not so blazing hot.

What happened to photography? Well some of it got more sedate. Now unlike the photo shark I once was, constantly moving, swimming in search of prey, I am now more like an eel, my bottom buried in the sand, at rest but with camera ready, waiting for something to swim by. I have now taken a seat and I watch.

Several of these non-standard vacation photos follow that restful waiting way of thinking. Others are more like street photos. They are all digital, and most taken with a Sony A6000. By the way, I broke my little Canon G7x Mark II, not totally but most irritatingly – one of the strap lugs popped off. I won’t go into embarrassing details. However, I am unhappy with Canon now, and I expect more robustness from them, even their consumer oriented cameras, and especially from the G7x Mark II. In all the years I have used Canon consumer cameras (I use Nikon SLRs professionally), I have never had one of their cameras just physically break a part off. C’mon, man. (Now where did I get that phrase?)

Anyway, here are several of my recent, weird vacation photos.


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