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  • William Hunton

Happy Accidents

Such a simple error to make. There I am concentrating on one thing, and I think my hand is on the correct action, but it is not. I make a quick adjustment and I have something, not at all what I wanted, and I am not sure how I got it. I start to delete it. Then I take a closer look. Maybe this could lead somewhere. Or maybe it is better left a mistake and removed from further consideration.

I don’t know. It’s not really a photograph although Photoshop Elements was involved. It’s graphic. It’s derived from a photograph. I have to think about this some more to see if it leads anywhere else.

I’m old, old school. I prefer photo-realism and more natural renderings. My influences are Adams, the Westons, the Group f.64, the mid-1900s photojournalism of people like Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, and Dorothea Lange. Some of these folks were real butts personally, they probably would not be my friends, but when I was studying photographs, I was studying theirs.

The image is not at all like any of theirs. It is not like any of mine. Anyway, stop talking and present it. I know now how I did it. Repeatable.

Negative Blue Butterfly


#abstract #Graphic #Photography #pictoral

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