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  • William Hunton

Gnarly Woods

Georgia does not offer the sharply chiseled granite cliffs, deep blue, haze free skies of the West. Our mountains are rounded green or brown mounds, depending on the season. The woods are gnarly, with vines and sharp briars. The streams and rivers are often muddy.

Broad vista’s are available at a humble 4500 feet, where the hills recede in blue and gray misty layers. Still air is hot and humid in the summer, and wet in the winter, with only an occasional snow or ice storm to make things really interesting on the highways.

Photography here is more about the details within. Contemplation is enclosed by a canopy of green. Our ideas and ideologies are probably shaped by the land more than we realize.

I went for a walk on Christmas Eve. The weather was gray. The lighting was flat. The color was brown. Details were clearly visible.

The Gnarly Woods

I love the winter months, with the cold air and clear trails. Christmas Eve is a good day for a walk in the gnarly Georgia woods.


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