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  • William Hunton

Gitcha Motah Runnin’

One of my favorite driving songs is Born to be Wild by Dennis Edmonton (a.k.a. Mars Bonfire) as performed by Steppenwolf, which became an anthem for us 60’s kids. Visions of me on a chopper a la Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider, denied my nerdy glasses and boring, teenage dweeb reality. Yes! Sit me, Walter Mitty, down in my Ford Falcon and crank it up… the radio that is, and there I would be in my mind, tooling down the backroads, gale force winds whipping touseled locks across my ruggedly chiseled, model-esque countenance. Forget about my acne and life with no dates and no prospects of any. Even today, this gray-haired, pot-bellied old fart still gets revved up by Born to Be Wild, and Call Me the Breeze written by J.J. Cale and famously performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd. (If you click on the links you probably will not want to return here, but that is okay. I totally understand.)

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