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I’m tired of posting Corona stories on Facebook.  This is a quick post from my phone.

Returning to my mono-dimensional earthly pursuit, photography, and an earlier post about family photo archives I did.

Someone asked me how to save photographs. I’ll repost it later.

Treasure hides. Obscure sites are fun to find. I found this lovely site of Ultrafine. 


For fun, check out the Diana and Holga toy cameras.  I got to find my wife’s Diana camera.  That cheap piece of plastic is going for nearly $100.

They have a number of products for both digital and film (a.k.a. “analog”), including archival inkjet paper. The paper base will probably last longer than the ink unless you invest considerable money in a printer that uses pigment ink. 

The link below is to their proprietary 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free inkjet paper.  I have not tried it.  I have used Strathmore acid free paper.  First, these are heavy papers.  You have to feed them single sheet through the feeder, not through the cassette.  Next, you will have to adjust your printer settings.  Most likely you’ll set them to something “ultra”. 

I recommend matte papers, not glossy. The non-dedicated, off brand glossy papers, at least with Epson printers, that I have used have trouble absorbing the ink and drying.  They have not been “instant dry.” 


  If you are into it, they also have scrapbook supplies. The prices seem okay.

One other thing.  When printing on matte paper, you may need to adjust your shadows and contrast. Shadow detail gets lost, and the dark tones may appear subdued and less punchy; those being highly technical terms for I don’t know what the heck I am talking about.


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