Have you considered lately how important the color red is to us. I was going through photographs and it caught me by surprise just how many of them had the color red in it. I suppose I was drawn to it. In some it was contrived. In others it was natural. Think about how we use the word; red eye, Communists are called “Reds”, red sky in the morning, red hot lover, the red white and blue, and the list goes on. Men wear red to project power. Women wear red to project sexiness. It can mean war, danger, blood, excitement, embarrassment, From emotions to politics the color red connotes warmth and excitement. Other primary colors have similar emotional content, but not to the degree the color red does. These photographs are by me and my youngest daughter Meredith. I marked hers. She and I see things similarly. She actually sees things I wish I had. The first four images are hers. The rest are mine.


#colors #emotion #red

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