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Boxcar Snippets

Project type

Abstract Photography


January 2023


Marietta, GA USA

This project is to collect the abstract details, textures, colors, and designs of graffiti painted onto rail boxcars. Snippets of graffiti along with the metal parts of the car are presented as an appealing design apart from the original.

Graffiti is Populist art. When applied to rail cars, it is a traveling art exhibit.

Graffiti rages and rails against society and culture. To the ruling order, it is anarchy. Irony and pun, it is an art show on rails. The two are unwitting partners. The "object" that it is requires both the art and the communication medium. The metal canvas is also the conveyance. The canvas itself contains the goods, perhaps even the spray paint the artist must have, and against which he or she must continue to rebel.

So I come along, snap a pic, and extract a pleasing a colorful design. That is funny to me.

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